Tips and Advice

Your House Extension or Loft Conversion

Some Advice and Important Things to Consider

Unless you’re experienced in having your house extended and enhanced, this is probably your first time and it can be a bit scary, right? As an experienced builder, I’ve put together some ideas, advice and questions that you may need to consider:

  • Is the style of my conversion or extension going to be the same or a total contrast? Unless your design is likely to impinge on your neighbours, you probably won’t get any objections to a contrasting style, but talk to me first anyway.
  • Consider the size of your extension. If it’s small enough, it could fall under the Permitted Rights Development legislation and you won’t need planning permission.
  • Do you want a full remodelling or just an extension? A full change could substantially add value to your property, but you’ll need to consider the upfront financial implications.
  • Think about fixtures and fittings. In general, the “construction” element of a project takes up about 60% of your expenditure, but there could be a huge variance on this figure if you’re after high-end taps, sinks, finishings and so on. Again, I’d be happy to advise.
  • There will be a trade-off between the time taken to complete the project, the costs and the temporary disruption to your life. I aim to manage these on your behalf to my best ability, but I’m an honest chap ask me and I’ll tell you no lies!
  • Consider what I call site essentials, such as the provision of toilet facilities and a skip. We don’t insist on endless cups of tea, though…
Your Loft Conversion Options

Loft Conversion Infographic, CLICK TO ENLARGE.