Mansard Loft Conversion

Make of most of your London home
with a Mansard Loft Conversion
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Mansard Loft Conversion

Mansard Loft Conversions – Elegant and Spacious

What is a mansard loft conversion?

If you are looking to maximise the available space in your loft, then a mansard loft conversion could be just what you need. Named after 17th Century French architect Francois Mansart, a mansard loft conversion has a flat roof and sloping back wall, incorporating windows in the form of small dormers. Mansard loft conversions are normally front or rear facing.

Think of it like this: an extension across the whole roof, almost as if the building has another storey.
Mansard Loft Conversion

Not the most affordable option but ideal if you need a substantial amount of additional “upwards” space, Mansard loft conversions are very versatile. You can adapt your new space for a home study, bedroom, playroom, office, whatever you require. If necessary, you can even accommodate a separate staircase.

Whether you’re staying put or moving, a mansard loft conversion is a worthwhile investment.

Is a mansard loft conversion suitable for my property?

Yes, possibly, If you have a detached or semi-detached home then the conversion process is easy, however terraced properties and bungalows are suitable, too. The renovation is straightforward; due to its elongated design it doesn’t put too much pressure on the structural base of the main building.

Skylights can also be incorporated into the design to help the side of the conversion simply blend in with the building’s overall design.

Many of our customers choose brickwork, breeze blocks or a render finish for their loft conversion’s exterior. These finishes are good options to blend the conversion into the existing property and the surrounding areas.

Do I need planning permission?

Yes, normally. However, if your loft conversion does require planning permission – and we’ll know when we visit you – we’ll take care of all the paper work for you.