Side Extensions

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Side Extension Interior view

Side Extension Interior view

Side extensions

rear view of typical London house

London terrace house walk through area to back garden

The most common and straight forward London house extension.

Utilising the walk through area to the garden.

It makes good sense to convert this dark lost space into real living space inside your property.

Let the light in with a choice from a solid sloped roof with velux windows or a glazed roof.

Often used to extend kitchen space or to make space for a spectacular dining room.

This extra dimension adds so much value, monetary as well as dynamically, to your home.

Usually a single storey extension (due to overlooking issues) but by no means limited by that.

There any many possibilities to consider with a side extension.

How to access the back garden via a single door or larger patio doors across the full width of the rear of the house adding a marvelous aspect in the summer months.

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Side Extension

Straight Forward Side Extension.

image of side extension attached to terraced house.

Side Extension with Large Patio Doors. Note support pillar indented from rear line of the house to allow the larger doors.

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Side Extension on London Terraced House

Side Extension- Design by T G Norris